Sep 252012

Does a candidate’s position on a sensitive topic change your vote? Here’s incumbent Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick in Newtown, PA Saturday, 9/22/2012 kicking off the demolition and construction of a site that will soon include residences.

No Cell Towers

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Aug 262012

Cell Phone Settlement

The Northampton Township Board of Supervisors approved a settlement with American Tower Corporation.
By Jesseka Kadylak August 23, 2012

As part of the settlement, ATC agrees to remove 12 cell phone towers, or nodes, from residential areas and relocate them to other areas in the township consistent with heavily traveled streets, Township Solicitor Michael Savona explained. In addition, both the township and ATC will discontinue all litigation relating to the towers.

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Aug 062012

The Northampton Township Board of Supervisors will hold a public meeting on Monday, August 13, 2012, at 7:00 PM at the Richboro Middle School, 98 Upper Holland Road, Richboro, PA 18954 to discuss American Tower Corporations’ proposal for the placement of twelve (12) nodes and poles outside of residential neighborhoods, but within the right-of-way of certain roadways in the Township.

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Jun 262012

On Tuesday, June 26th, ATC crews will be surveying for alternative nodes. You may see trucks and crews out. That is ALL they will be doing as we all work towards a solution.

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Jun 192012

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Jun 192012

We had a GOOD SHOW of support today in court. Lines at the metal detectors were backed up out the door! A great favorable outcome between CONTACT, Northampton and ATC!! Nice work everyone

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